Xamarin iOS, Beginner to Advanced iOS App Development with C#


Learn to build fully native and functional iOS applications with basic or existing C# skills. Storyboards, UIElements, Firebase and more


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What you'll learn

Create Industry ready and functional iOS Apps

Learn to build deployable industry standard app than can be used by the general public

Understanding Storyboards and iOS Design Patterns

Learn iOS design best practises and how to create design stunning and eye catching apps

Using TableViews and Scrollviewer

Learn how to use Tableview to display large scale and structured data; make your app scrollable with Scrollviewer

How to use REST API and work work with JSON

Learn to make web calls using REST API and handle response using JSON library

Using Firebase Database in iOS projects

Add backend services using Firebase, Learn to create, remove, update and delete records in Firebase Database.

Understand and Use Google Location and Maps

Learn how to use Google location and map services in your apps. Learn how to track your device

Course Description

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Course Structure

    What is Xamarin.iOS Preview

    Visual Studio for Mac Installation Preview

    Visual Studio 2017 Installation Preview

    Setting Up Simulators Preview

    Variable Types and Declarations Preview

    If and Conditional Statements Preview

    Loops and Procedures Preview

    Classes, Properties and Interfaces Preview

    Methods and Functions in C# Preview

    Arrays and Generic Lists Preview

    Introduction to Understanding Story Boards, ViewControllers, App delegate Preview

    Storyboards Preview

    View Controllers Preview

    App Delegate Preview

    Manipulating App Startup page Preview

    Introduction to Basic User Interfaces Preview

    Xamarin Designer and Xcode Interface Builder Preview

    UI Elements, UIButton, UITextFields Preview

    UI Image, TextLabels, UIViews Preview

    Auto Layouts and Constraints Preview

    Progress Bar, Sliders Preview

    Designing a simple Registration Form Preview

    Introduction to Handling Events and Gesture Recognisers in Xamarin.iOS Preview

    How to add Events handlers to UI Controls Preview

    What are Gesture Recognizers? Preview

    Adding Gesture Recognisers to UI Elements Preview

    Navigating between ViewControllers using segue Preview

    Navigating between ViewControllers Programatically Preview

    Passing Data between ViewControllers Preview

    Introduction to Resources, Assets Catalogue, App Icons & Launch Screen Preview

    How to use Images Preview

    Asset catalogue Image sets Preview

    How to make App Icons for different Screen Sizes Preview

    How to set App Icons Preview

    Launch Screens on iOS Preview

    Introduction to TableView Preview

    Creating Basic List App Preview

    Creating Table with Custom Cell Preview

    Handling Table Row Click Preview

    Introduction to Practice Apps Preview

    Interest Rate Calculator (Complete Guide) Preview

    Advanced Mathematics Calculator Preview

    Introduction to making Web calls using Rest API Preview

    Making Web calls using HttpWebrequest and HttpClient Preview

    Handling Response from API using JSON Preview

    Loading Images from a URL Preview

    Loading into a TableView from a URL Preview

    Introduction to Reading and Writing to Files and Directories Preview

    iOS File System Structure Preview

    Where to store Files Preview

    How to List and Create Files and Folders Preview

    Read and Write to TXT Files in your Storage Preview

    Introduction to Alerts and PickerViews Preview

    How to use UIAlertViewController Preview

    Adding UIElements to UIAlertViewController Preview

    How to use UIPickerView Preview

    How to use UIDatePicker Preview

    Introduction to Camera, Phone Dialer, Browser Preview

    Accessing your Camera and Saving Snapshots to Directory Preview

    Accessing Media in Gallery Preview

    Initiating a Phone Call from your App Preview

    Opening a Webpage on your default Web browser Preview

    Introduction to Data Access in Xamarin.iOS Preview

    What is User Defaults Preview

    Saving and Retrieving Data from User Defaults Preview

    Deleting Data from User Defaults Preview

    Introduction to Remote Notification using Firebase (FCM) Preview

    Setting up your App to receive Notifications Preview

    Sending Notification from Firebase Notification Builder Preview

    Sending Notification Programatically Preview

    Handling data from Notification Preview

    Introduction to Login using Facebook and Google in Xamarin.iOS Preview

    Creation of Facebook App Preview

    Creating KeyHash for Facebook App Preview

    Implementation of Facebook SDK Preview

    Login with Google Preview

    Using Google Auth and Identity Api Preview

    Introduction to Firebase Database Preview

    Adding Firebase to your Xamarin.iOS project Preview

    Saving Data to Firebase Preview

    Retrieving Data from Firebase Preview

    Working with Value Event Listeners Preview

    Performing Database Query Preview

    Introduction to Practice App - ToDo List App Preview

    User Interface Design Preview

    Adding Firebase Database to your App Preview

    Retrieving Data from Firebase Preview

    Introduction to Google Maps and Locations Preview

    Setting Up Google Maps Preview

    Adding Map Styles to Google Map Preview

    Getting and Updating Current Location Preview

    Markers and Polylines Preview

    Introduction to Google Places and Geocoding API Preview

    Find places using Autocomplete Preview

    Find Places Address using Location Coordinates Preview

    Introduction to Encryption Preview

    Converting String to Base64 String Preview

    Converting Base64 String to String Preview

    Encryption Using MD5 Preview

    Decryption of MD5 encrypted Data Preview

    Introduction to Testing and Debugging Preview

    Preparing your App for Testing Preview

    Introduction to Deploying to App Store Preview

    Setting up Provisioning Profile Preview

    Package, Sign and Distribute your App Preview

    Releasing to App Store Preview

    Introduction to Auto Layout Preview

Your Instructor

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Nnodim Uchenna Edward

Passionate father, husband and brother. Experienced C# developer with over 20 years experience working for leading companies in the pacific ocean.

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