Microsoft Excel - The Complete Excel Mastery Guide for All Levels


Learn to use Microsoft Excel like a Pro, get hands on experience with Functions, Formulas and Charts


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What you'll learn

Creating and Saving a new Excel Document

Learn the basics and get practical experience of creating and saving excel documents, workbook and worksheets.

How to Make Use of Excel Functions

Learn to make use of both Basic and Advanced functions provided by Microsoft Excel

How to Perform Calculations in Excel Worksheet

Learn how to perform powerful calculations like Algebra and statistics in your Excel Worksheet

How to use Conditional Statements

Learn to use Conditional Statements such as IF, AND, OR statements in making calculations in Excel.

How to Create Charts, Graphs and Tables

Learn to create BarChart, PieChart LineChart and Tables using the Data in your Worksheet.

How to Import Data from Other Sources

Understand how to import data into your worksheet from a Text file and from the Web.

Course Description

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Course Structure

    Introduction to Microsoft Excel Preview

    Creating your First Excel Document Preview

    Excel Document first Look Preview

    Excel WorkBooks and WorkSheets Preview

    Saving and Opening Excel Document Preview

    Introduction to Text Input and Editing Preview

    Creating Spreadsheet titles Preview

    Handling Numeric Data in Excel Preview

    Introduction to Cell Reference and Formulas Preview

    Working with Cell Reference Preview

    Creating Basic Formulas In Excel Preview

    Relative and Absolute Cell Reference in Formulas Preview

    Understanding the Order of Operation Preview

    Introduction to Basic Excel Functions Preview

    SUM() Function Preview

    MIN() and MAX() Functions Preview

    AVERAGE() Function Preview

    COUNT() Function Preview

    AutoSUM Command Preview

    Introduction to Modifying Excel Worksheet Preview

    Moving and Copying Data in an Excel Worksheet Preview

    Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns Preview

    Modifying Cell properties (Width and Height) Preview

    Hiding and Unhiding Rows and Columns Preview

    Delete, Rename, Copy and Move an Excel Worksheet Preview

    Introduction to Data formatting in Excel Preview

    Using Fonts Preview

    Cell Background Color Preview

    Setting Cell Borders Preview

    Merging and Centering Cells Preview

    Percentages and Currency Formatting Preview

    Introduction to Graphics in Excel Worksheet Preview

    Inserting Images Preview

    Inserting and Formating Shapes Preview

    Working with Excel SmartArt Preview

    Introduction to Creating Charts from Excel Worksheet Preview

    Creating a BarChart Preview

    Creating a PieChart Preview

    Creating a LineChart Preview

    Adding and Modifying Excel Chart Data Preview

    Introduction to Printing an Excel Worksheet Preview

    Changing margins, Scaling and Orientation Preview

    Adding Header and Footer Content Preview

    Printing Range of Cells Preview

    Introduction to Excel Conditional Functions Preview

    IF() Function Preview

    Nested IF() Function Preview

    COUNTIF() Function Preview

    SUMIF() Function Preview

    IFERROR() Function Preview

    Introduction to LOOKUP Functions Preview

    VLOOKUP() Function Preview

    HLOOKUP Function Preview

    INDEX() and MATCH() Function Preview

    LEFT(), RIGHT and MID() Functions Preview

    LEN() Function Preview

    SEARCH/FIND() Function Preview

    CONCATENATE() Function Preview

    Date Formatting and Fill Series Preview

    TODAY()/NOW() Functions Preview


    YEARFRAC() Function Preview

    WEEKDAY(), WORKDAY() AND NETWORKDAYS() Functions Preview

    DATEIF() Function Preview

    Introduction to Importing Data from Other Sources Preview

    Importing Data from Text Files Preview

    Importing Data from Web Preview

    Using Shortcuts in Excel Preview

    Conclusion Preview

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Onomor Eseoghene Benjamin

William Henry Gates III (born October 28, 1955) is an American business magnate, investor, author, philanthropist, humanitarian, and principal founder of Microsoft Corporation.

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