Mastering Microsoft Word , Beginner to Advanced


This comprehensive Microsoft Word training course will teach you how to design and customize professional documents.


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What you'll learn

How to Create and Save a Microsoft Word Document

Learn the basic of Creating and Saving a Microsoft Word Document and a good understanding of the Word Interface

How to Enter and Edit Text

Learn the basics of entering and editing text in Microsoft Word. Gain a good understanding on how to use Copy, Paste and Move

How to create and use Tables

Learn how to Create Tables, Add new Row and Columns, Edit Table Properties, Merge Cells and use Table styles in a Word Document

How to Use Graphic and Pictures

Understand how to insert pictures and make use of Shapes, Symbols and SmartArts in a Microsoft word Document

How to Print Your Word Document

Learn how to print your document after editing. Get on hands experience of how to use spell checkers and Auto Correct

Learn the Shortcuts In Microsoft Word

Get a good understanding of various shortcut keys in Microsoft Word, when and how to use them

Course Description

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Course Structure

    Microsoft Word Introduction Preview

    Customize Word Environment Preview

    Creating a new Microsoft Word Document Preview

    Introduction to the Microsoft Word Interface Preview

    Introduction Basics of Editing and Entering Text Preview

    Editing Text in your Word Document Preview

    Navigating and selecting Text in Your Word Document Preview

    Move, Insert, Copy & Paste Data Preview

    The Clipboard Preview

    Undo, Redo and Repeat Preview

    Introduction Formatting a Microsoft Word Document Preview

    Formatting Text Preview

    Formatting with the Mini Toolbar Preview

    Align paragraphs and Hyphenate Preview

    Paragraph Indents - First Line, Hanging, Left and Right Preview

    Line and Paragraph Spacing Preview

    Formatting Paragraphs Preview

    Creating Bulleted and Numbered List in Word Preview

    Introduction to Microsoft Word Styles Preview

    Introduction to Page Layouts Techniques and Appearance Preview

    Word Document Margins Preview

    Adding Columns to a Word Document Preview

    Using Page Breaks Preview

    Changing Page Orientation Preview

    Inserting Headers and Footer Preview

    Working with the Page Background Preview

    Page Border and Color Preview

    Introduction to Working with Tables Preview

    Creating a Table in Word Document Preview

    Adding and Removing Rows and Columns Preview

    Setting Table properties (Heights and Widths of Rows/Columns) Preview

    Merging Cells Preview

    Formatting Tables Preview

    Using Table Styles Preview

    Setting Table Border properties Preview

    Using Spell checkers Preview

    Word with Auto Correct Preview

    Save and Save As Preview

    Printing Your Word Document Preview

    Introduction to Working with Microsoft Word Tabs Preview

    Understanding Word Tabs Preview

    Setting Tabs in a Document Preview

    Formatting Word Tabs Preview

    Modifying Spacing or Word Tabs Preview

    Removing Word Tab Stops Preview

    Introduction to Working with Graphics Preview

    Inserting Symbols, Shapes and Characters Preview

    Using Equations Preview

    Inserting Smart Art Preview

    Using Charts in Word Document Preview

    Inserting Pictures Preview

    Introduction to Shortcuts Preview

    Popular shortcuts in Microsoft Word Preview

Your Instructor

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Onomor Eseoghene Benjamin

William Henry Gates III (born October 28, 1955) is an American business magnate, investor, author, philanthropist, humanitarian, and principal founder of Microsoft Corporation.

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