Introduction to Web Development using HTML, CSS and Javascript


Complete web development course, learn how to build a website from the ground up. This is the foundation of every web developer on the planet.


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What you'll learn

How to build a website

Create static HTML and CSS websites and landing pages with just HTML5 and CSS3

How to build a simple blog

Learn how to develop a blog where people can get information using just HTML and CSS

Working with CSS

You'll learn in depth CSS rules for designing fully functional real world websites

Working with Javascript

You'll learn how to embedded javascript in your websites and give your website live

Introduction to Bootstrap

Bootstrap is the number one Web framework for building websites, you'll learn how to use it

Hosting your website

What's the essence of building a website without putting it online for all to use

Building responsive websites

You'll learn how to create a beautiful, responsive website that scales on desktops, laptops and mobile devices

Build a functional online store using HTML, CSS and Javascript

You'll learn how to build an online store from start to finish using skills learned from this course

Course Description

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Course Structure

    Web development terminologies Preview

    Setting up our web development tools and environment Preview

    Understanding the layout of your text editor Preview

    Creating your very first HTML file Preview

    Writing your first line of code Preview

    What the heck is HTML, CSS and Javascript, why so many? Preview

    The differences and similarities of HTML, CSS and Javascript Preview

    Structuring a Web Project the right way Preview

    Basic HTML Tags Preview

    Working with Divs and spans Preview

    Important HTML Tags Preview

    HTML Attributes - What the heck are these? Preview

    Adding checkout to our Online Store Preview

    More advanced HTML elements Preview

    Working with Lists Preview

    Working with Tables Preview

    Playing with Forms and Inputs Preview

    Dropdowns and Radio Buttons Preview

    Improving our Online Store Example using advanced HTML elements Preview

    Styling Basic Elements using CSS Preview

    Understand Padding and Margin Preview

    Widths, Heights and Sizes Preview

    Working with Borders and Edges Preview

    Introduction to Fonts and Font Styling Preview

    Naming convention and best practices Preview

    Styling our Online Store Example Preview

    Introduction to CSS Preview

    Separating your CSS Files Preview

    An In-depth look at colors - Applying gradients and Fills Preview

    Applying External Fonts Preview

    Multi Layered Styling using classes, ids and attributes Preview

    Wrapping up with CSS, accessing vital resources and materials Preview

    What the heck is Bootstrap and why are we learning it? Preview

    Understanding Grids and Layouts Preview

    How to Structure a real web application/website Preview

    Working with Accordions and Dropdowns Preview

    Using the Bootstrap carousel Preview

    Alerts and Modals Preview

    Using the Navbar Preview

    Adding Bootstrap to our Online Store Example Preview

    Understanding the role of Javascript in every website Preview

    Working with variables Preview

    Performing simple calculations using Javascript Preview

    The Document Object Model (DOM) and what makes it so special Preview

    Retrieving object properties from the DOM Preview

    Outputing data to the DOM Preview

    Simple Calculator Example using Javascript Preview

    Introduction to more advanced data types Preview

    A closer look into Arrays Preview

    Demystifying Objects Preview

    Conditions and Program Control Flow Preview

    Loops and Repetitions Preview

    Building out a cart system for our Online Store Preview

    Understanding responsive layouts Preview

    Anticipating different screen sizes Preview

    Coding for Different screen sizes Preview

    In-depth look at CSS media rules for different screen sizes Preview

    What the heck is "Mobile First Approach" Preview

    What the heck is JQuery? Preview

    Understanding JQuery Objects and how it relates to the DOM Preview

    Working with DOM Elements using JQuery Preview

    What you need to know about hosting Preview

    Free Hosting VS Paid Hosting Preview

    Getting your files ready for upload Preview

    Uploading your website Preview

    Domain names, what are they? Preview

    Linking up your domain name to your website Preview

    Deploying for the world Preview

Your Instructor

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Onomor Eseoghene Benjamin

William Henry Gates III (born October 28, 1955) is an American business magnate, investor, author, philanthropist, humanitarian, and principal founder of Microsoft Corporation.

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