Beginner to Advanced Android App Development with C# and Xamarin


Learn to build fully native and functional Android applications with basic or existing C# skills. Android design Patterns, Controls, Firebase and more


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What you'll learn

Create Industry ready and functional Android Apps

Learn to build deployable industry standard app than can be used by the general public

Understanding Android Design Patterns

Learn to android design best practises and design stunning and eye catching apps

Create ListViews and Custom Designs

Learn how to use ListViews and RecyclerView to large and structured data

How to use Rest API and Work with Json

Learn to make web calls using Rest API and handle Response using Json library

Using Firebase Database in Android projects

Add backend services using Firebase, learn to create, remove, update and delete records in Firebase Database

Understand and Use Google Location and Maps

Learn how to use Google location and map services in your apps. Learn how to track your device

Course Description

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Course Structure

    What is Xamarin? Preview

    Visual Studio/Visual Studio for Mac Installation Preview

    Android Emulators Preview

    Variable Types and Declaration Preview

    If and Conditional Statements Preview

    Loops and Procedures Preview

    Classes, Properties and Interfaces Preview

    Methods and Functions in C# Preview

    Arrays and Generic Lists Preview

    Introduction to Android and Xamarin Tools Explained Preview

    Android NDK Preview

    Android SDK Preview

    Java SDK Preview

    Introduction to Android Layouts and Basic Interface Preview

    Linear Layout Preview

    TextView and EditText Preview

    Buttons, Radio Button and Checkboxes Preview

    Customising Buttons and EditTexts Preview

    Relative Layout Preview

    ImageView and Spinners Preview

    Progress Bars, Toggle and Switch Compat Preview

    Introduction to C# and Control Events Preview

    Handling Events Preview

    Introduction to Activities, Intents and Fragments on Xamarin.Android Preview

    Creating a New Activity Preview

    Passing Data between Activities Preview

    Activity Life Cycle - What happens when Preview

    Creating custom Events in Xamarin.Android Preview

    Creating a Dialog Fragment in Xamarin.Android Preview

    Passing Data between Activity and Fragment Preview

    How to use intents Preview

    Introduction to RecyclerView and ListView in Xamarin.Android Preview

    Setting Up Listview Preview

    Setting Recycler View, ViewHolders and Adapters Preview

    Scroll Viewer Preview

    Understanding Screen Densities Preview

    Making use of Images and Mp3 Preview

    Loading Images Programatically Preview

    Introduction to Material Design Preview

    Themes, Action Bars and ToolBars, Preview

    Setting up Navigation Drawer Preview

    Setting up TabPages Preview

    Theming your App with Material Design Preview

    Introduction to Practice Apps Preview

    Interest Rate Calculator (Complete Guide) Preview

    Advanced Mathematics Calculator (Complete Guide) Preview

    CGPA Result Calculator (Complete Guide) Preview

    Introduction to Making Web Calls using REST API Preview

    Handling Api response using JSON Preview

    Downloading from a remote Server Preview

    Uploading and loading images from a Url Preview

    Introduction to Reading and Writing to Files and Directory Preview

    Android File System Structure Preview

    Where to Store Files Preview

    How to List and Create Files and Folders Preview

    Read and Write to TXT files in your Storage Preview

    Introduction to App Icons Preview

    Android Icons Philosophy Preview

    Where to get Icons Preview

    Introduction to Alerts and Notification Preview

    Toasts Preview

    Custom Alert Dialogues Preview

    Introduction to Native Intents, Camera, Phone Dialer and Browser Preview

    Accessing your Camera and Saving Snapshots to Directory Preview

    Accessing Media in Gallery Preview

    Initiating a Phone Call from your App Preview

    Opening a webpage on your default web browser Preview

    Introduction to Data Access in Xamarin.Android Preview

    Introduction to Shared Preferences Preview

    Saving, Retrieving and Deleting Data from Shared Preferences Preview

    Passing Data between Activities using Shared Preferences Preview

    Introduction to Remote Notification using Firebase (FCM) Preview

    Setting up your App to receive notifications Preview

    Sending Notification from Firebase Notification Builder Preview

    Sending Notifications Programatically Preview

    Sending String Data in Notification Preview

    Handling Data from Notification Preview

    Introduction to Login with Facebook and Google in Xamarin.Android Preview

    Login with Facebook Preview

    Creation of Facebook App Preview

    Creating KeyHash for Facebook App Preview

    Implementation of Facebook SDK Preview

    Login with Google Preview

    Using Google Auth and Identity Api Preview

    Introduction to Firebase Database and Storage Preview

    Adding Firebase to your Project Preview

    Saving Data to Firebase Preview

    Retrieving Data from Firebase Preview

    Working with Value Event Listeners Preview

    Performing Database Query Preview

    User Interface Design Preview

    Adding Firebase Database to your App Preview

    Saving Data to Firebase Preview

    Retrieving Data from Firebase Preview

    Introduction to Google Maps and Location Preview

    Setting Up Google Maps Preview

    Adding Map Styles to Google Map Preview

    Getting and Updating Current Location Preview

    Markers and PolyLines Preview

    Introduction to Google Places and Geocoding API Preview

    Find Places Using Autocomplete Preview

    Find Place Address using Location Coordinates Preview

    Introduction to Encryption Preview

    Converting String to Base64 string Preview

    Converting Base64 to String to String Preview

    Encryption String using MD5 Preview

    Decryption Using MD5 Preview

    Introduction to Testing and Debugging Preview

    Preparation your App for Testing Preview

    Introduction to Firebase Test Labs Preview

    Conducting Robo Tests Preview

    Introduction to Deployment Preview

    How to Package your App Preview

    How to Sign and Distribute you're App Preview

    Releasing your App on Play Store Preview

    User Interface Design Preview

    Login and Sign Preview

    Integrating Google Maps and Google Places Preview

    Track Location Updates Preview

    Finding Nearest Driver Preview

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Onomor Eseoghene Benjamin

William Henry Gates III (born October 28, 1955) is an American business magnate, investor, author, philanthropist, humanitarian, and principal founder of Microsoft Corporation.

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