Backend Web Development using PHP, MySQL, Codeigniter and Twig


In this course you'll learn how to build complete web applications powered by the most used database software in the world.


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What you'll learn

How to build a Web Application using PHP

You'll learn how to build modules such as login, register, dashboards and how to generate dynamic HTML using PHP

Twig Templates for Data parsing

You'll learn how to build templates that hold data for generating custom HTML

Codeigniter - Lighweight PHP Framework for building Web Apps

You'll learn how to use of the most popular PHP frameworks on the planet for building web apps

View Construction and Data manipulation using Twig

We'll cover how to perform calculations and manipulate data directly in our view templates using Twig

Read and Writing to Database

we'll cover integration of database to our web application, reading and writing data directly to it from our view

Course Description

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Course Structure

    Understanding Web applications Preview

    Setting up our web development tools and environment for back-end development Preview

    What the heck is PHP and what is it used for? Preview

    Web application terminologies and sayings Preview

    PHP Frameworks and their ranking Preview

    How codeigniter measures up to the competition Preview

    Setting up codeigniter on localhost Preview

    Our very first Web Application - An Ecommerce store Preview

    Understanding a web app architecture Preview

    The Model-View-Controller (MVC) approach to web development Preview

    Building a Static page using Codeigniter - A company website example Preview

    What is a controller and what is it used for? Preview

    Introduction to methods and classes Preview

    Performing computation in controllers - Simple calculator application Preview

    Defining the default controller from Routes configuration Preview

    Demystifying the Class constructor Preview

    Working on our Company website example Preview

    What is a Route and what is it's role in this? Preview

    Setting a default route Preview

    Advanced routing Preview

    Anticipating routing for Cron Jobs Preview

    Integers and Floats Preview

    Working with Strings Preview

    One dimensional Arrays Preview

    Multi dimensional arrays Preview

    Array data manipulation Preview

    Objects and how they differ from arrays Preview

    Object properties - an in depth look Preview

    Other data types - base 64, JSON Preview

    Understanding JSON data structure Preview

    How it all comes together Preview

    Loading a Twig View Preview

    Adding Dynamic Data to the View Preview

    Returning Data to the View Preview

    Displaying data in views Preview

    Conditional Rendering and Program Flow Preview

    Loops and Repetitions Preview

    Displaying Multilayered Data Preview

    Working with Twig Blocks Preview

    Introducing Data manipulation in Twig using Filters Preview

    Working with Twig Variables Preview

    Working with Special data types Preview

    Building out our Ecommerce store Preview

    What is a Model? Preview

    Anatomy of a Model, how it all ties together Preview

    Loading and working with Models Preview

    Creating a new database using Phpmyadmin Preview

    How to structure a database the right way Preview

    Creating Database Tables that hold specific data Preview

    Understanding data types and their differences Preview

    Primary keys - what the heck are these? Preview

    Understanding Data flow Preview

    How to structure your HTML forms the right way Preview

    Retrieving HTML Form data from within PHP Preview

    What the heck is a C.R.U.D. operation? Preview

    Reading data from a database Preview

    Inserting data into a database Preview

    Updating a single and multiple rows in a database Preview

    Deleting data from a database Preview

    Searching and Filtering specific data from a database Preview

    Performing advanced search and query on our database Preview

    Importance of Extending codeIgniter Preview

    Understanding Class Inheritance using MY_ Preview

    Building a custom base controller called MY_Controller Preview

    Building a custom base Model called MY_Model Preview

    Building a custom base Router called MY_Router Preview

    Building a custom base Loader called MY_Loader Preview

    Introduction to composer Preview

    Setting up composer in your machine Preview

    Installing an external PHP library using composer Preview

    Why the world sends over 2 trillion emails every month Preview

    Installing PHPMailer library for sending emails Preview

    Initializing PHPMailer for SMTP Preview

    Sending your very first email from codeigniter Preview

    Sending HTML emails with PHPMailer Preview

    PHPMailer configuration options such as Bcc and Attachments Preview

    What REST APIs are and what they're not Preview

    Understanding RESTful APIs and types of Requests Preview

    Working with Requests library for PHP Preview

    Performing GET Requests Preview

    Performing POST Requests Preview

    What's all this buzz about security and privacy? Preview

    Data encryption using encryption key Preview

    Data decryption Preview

    Password Hashing and why it's so important Preview

    Encryption VS Hashing Preview

    Data encoding Preview

    XSS Filtering Preview

    Using Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection within codeigniter Preview

    Input Data validation Preview

    A closing note about security Preview

Your Instructor

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Onomor Eseoghene Benjamin

William Henry Gates III (born October 28, 1955) is an American business magnate, investor, author, philanthropist, humanitarian, and principal founder of Microsoft Corporation.

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